Monday, 14 November 2016

Knitting Club

Every Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday we have knitting club. We are learning to knit a scarf.

Asher has already finished his scarf. Mrs Anderson teaches us how to knit. Once we've finished our scarf,we get to pick something else to knit. Asher will knit a teddy and Adam will knit a snowman teddy.
We still don't know how to start or  finish but Asher already knows how to finish a scarf.
At the start both of us didn't know how to knit.

by Adam and Asher

Our School Gala

On Saturday I went to the gala with my mum and dad. When we got there I saw my friends and had a chat. After that I bought an ice-cream from the ice-cream truck. Then I got two lollybags and I listened to the bag pipes/ It started raining so we went back home. I felt happy after that.

By James

Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Crocodile builds a Treehouse

This year some of us have been reading stories about a Crocodile. Such as The crocodile in the Library, The Crocodile goes Shopping and The Crocodile's Christmas Jandels. We decided to write our own story and turn it into a movie.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


As part of Food Tech Friday this week we learnt about how gelatin works. Did you know gelatin is made from boiling the skin and bones from animals! First we got to make some jelly and then we got to create our own. We needed to choose 1 liquid and we could also add a special ingredient. Some of us choose coke, sprite and fizzy raspberry while 1 group choose strawberry tea. We all decided to add sour lollies or chocolate chips. 

To make our jelly we first mixed 2tsp Gelatin with boiling water so it dissolved. Then we could mix in our other ingredients. We found that the dissolved gelatin didn't mix very well. This could have been because it was fizzy or because it was cold.

We left our jelly overnight and most of them set. Finally we got to taste! We're not sure if we liked our jelly and would probably choose different ingredients next time!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

food tech Friday - Hokey Pokey

Today  we made honey comb or hokey pokey for food tech Friday. Food tech Friday is where our class makes a  spicail treat and write instructions on how to make it.The instructions  to make honey comb is to :
step 1- put 5 tablespoons of white sugar in a large pot 
step 2-  put 2 table  spoons  of golden surp in with the sugar
step 3 - boil for 2 minutes
step 4 - quickly stir in 1 teaspoon baking soda
step 5 - pour onto a greased baking tray to harden

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Days of the week

We have been learning the days of the week in Maori.
Ko te aha tenei ra? What day is it today.
Ko te Ratu tenei. It is Tuesday.

Once we knew how to say and write each day we could fill in our own weekly timetable.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Swim Safe

Swim Safe
Every day Room 7 walked to Water World for swim safe lessons. During these lessons we learnt about being safe in the water and practised our swimming so we were more confident in the water.

We went to water world to do swim safe there were 3 groups we did different swimming things there was a girl teacher and 2 boy teachers with the girl teacher we did back stroke and many more. We went every day for one week . I'm sure we all liked it. We were wearing different togs. I wish we got more time to do more swiming. The water was so warm. You can were gogiles.

By Isabella and Jaiden


It all started when a notice got sent home saying "speeches are coming up in week 3". We had to write a speech then write it on to cue cards and practice it so we could perform it in front of our class.We had buddies that would write a comment about our speech and Miss Capel would score us on different things.Then a few days later  Miss Capel decided that we would go through to the semi  finals.We were excited but nervous because we would have to read it  in front of the whole middle syndicate. It came to the day  where we had to perform it in front of the whole middle syndicate and 2 judges that were Mrs Mcintyre and Mrs Hood.We had to wait for others to do there speeches before it finally came round to our turn.We were pretty nervous at first but our friends were cheering for us to say our speech loud and clear.We did our speeches and the judges decided who would go to the finals.The people  who got into the finals were;Emily,Molly,Te rangimarie, Aston and more.Speech finals are coming up term 4 thursday the 19th. 

By Molly and James. 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Wheels Day

Wheels Day was awesome! Room 7 went out first with Room 9 and some of Room 11.
First we all met out on the netball courts. Dianne talked to us about wearing our helmets safely. She said you should only be able to fit 2 fingers on your forehead and the strap should be tight under your chin. It was so much fun riding our scooters, bikes and roller blades through the track. We had to go over ramps, weave around the cones and pay attention to the road signs. Some of us even fell over! 
Hopefully we can have another wheels day soon.

Monday, 30 May 2016

hairy maclary

by Asher and james

 Today we read hairy maclary this is something we noticed it rhymes like down
 at the vets there were all kinds of pets.we also noticed the juicy words like miserable dogs.
then all the pets chased each other.        

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Report Writing

This week our class writing task is to write a report about Cheetahs.
These are some you tube clips to help us find out information we can use in our report.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Happy Birthday Dr Suess

Today we got to explore the book The Lorax written by Dr Suess. We decided we need to look after our environment so we don't end up like the Once-ler!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Character Description by Molly

In the middle of a big dark forest there is a ordinary cave but in the cave there is one hero and he is called Batman!

Batman wears a dark black cape and a suit  with a bat symbol  on it. Also a mask to hide his identity. He has black shoes and black pants.

Batman is a hero because he has saved the world from many villains or just saves  people  like that little boy who nearly got run over by a train or the city with the dam that nearly exploded!

Batman has no powers so he saves the world with his strength  and bravery  and his tools like his Batmobile  and his bat frisbee!

So in the end Batman strikes again by saves the world.

Thursday, 18 February 2016


Today we went and had a look at our school compost bin. In it we saw lots of fruit, leaves, weeds and dirt. It was quite smelly so there were flies and also ants all over it. We could see that all the fruit was rotting down and turning into what looked like dirt. When we looked closer we could also see plastic food wrappers, milk containers and even a sock! We didn't think that these should be in there and are going to investigate how we can make our school compost healthy.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Welcome to our blog for 2016. On our blog we will share our learning and the interesting things we do in Room 7.