Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Today we made paper helicopters to use as inspiration for writing. There were several steps to go through to make them but the best part was the test flight! We had to find a high place so went to the platform on the senior playground. Our helicopters were a great success as we watched them twirling down to the ground.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Our River Walk

Our River Walk

On Friday the 5th of June the Middle Syndicate walked along the Waikato River to look at some of the bridges. Room 7 and Room 11 caught the bus at 9:45. There was a buzz of excitement as we set off. When we arrived we all walked down to have a look at an old boat. It was all rusty and had huge holes in it. We got to view the bridges from a distance as well as underneath. It was really interesting to see the different ways each bridge was made. The walk was long and tiring but it was so much fun to be out in the sun with our friends! We were all relieved to arrive back at school and can now continue learning about the different types of bridges ready to construct some of our own.

Our Bridge Walk on PhotoPeach